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    Luoqun Isshiki cut lotus , hibiscus to the sides of the face open . The karen millen skirt is a beautiful poem ! karen millen dresses, from the Book of Songs, Praise be to the song, until now there are poets tell its beauty. In fact , poets praise skirts, more is in praise of a woman wearing a karen millen coats, a karen millen skirt then the United States , but also just for women and students. Like flounced karen millen skirt with floral composition in general, beautiful , romantic, slightly warm afternoon sun , bring out your graceful, your tenderness emotion. Poetry is a beautiful karen millen skirt ! Also liked the phrase , everyone is a poet of life, but not in the ordinary pursuit of a mediocre life beautiful, our poetry is our own , and we wear skirts , suffused with nostalgia washed denim karen millen dress, as if blue sky by the sea after a general erosion fresh , lace embellishment right time , filled with the pure taste of the little woman .
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  • When you are wearing a karen millen skirt when a given moment in my heart will certainly emerge as a poetic statement , for understanding the life, full of positive and beautiful. karen millen charm, is to allow you to face the world more beautiful posture , beautiful and happy living . Floral and Pleated are women proprietary elements , combined with the lightweight chiffon , extra points for your charm , improve favorability bring picturesque pastoral style . For the love of small literary style sister paper , the skirt is a poem full of phonology . Cotton fabric is soft to the touch, full of rustic feeling , the pursuit is made ​​fresh and natural faction , one thick but not contracted Dai Yan green , embellished hem with no specifications , has a beautiful and elegant but without losing individuality .
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  • Say summer is the best season the girls , which has a great relationship with the skirt . Think no karen millen dn022 aqua, would lose much wonderful ! Each piece has its own language skirt , tells of a woman 's beauty from every angle. Dark blue skirt , drag long legs, beautiful skirt curve modification mobilized human body, sleeves lovely floral pattern , instantaneous will inject vitality to break the dull blue , exudes a stylish atmosphere . Semi- riding skirt Wan about the line. Solid color dress, soft and lightweight chiffon , vertical falling Yilianyoumeng , as beautiful as a dream goddess men in general , but also like a slim lady, fresh and graceful, attracted people competing pursuit. Its charm is amazing , the benefits are also apparent also see , Slim was thin , even if the legs are not long enough or good enough legs , and even a lot of meat , you can completely obscure, lengthen the leg curve , piercing goddess Fan .
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  • Summer wind is mischievous , sometimes lifted your hair , but when you swing Karen Millen DP210 Red. When the wind swing Karen Millen DP210, most are people fascinated , perhaps the beauty of the moment , it is enough to open his heart. Chiffon skirt dress dyed in light colors, an elegant, very bright , floral also gives your upper body like a flower beautiful , so beautiful love wearing wishes will be realized. To become feminine , the fastest way is to wear a skirt , even if it is neutral or even " man " style of woman , wear a skirt , will become very woman. No knee- length skirt bust , the big half the white calf exposed, cool naturally Needless to say , the more the temptation to show legs , leg type of paper is a good girl , but most are suitable .

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